About Us:
Buzzard Industries was established in 1993.

Buzzard Industries was one of the original off-road trailer manufacturers, not like others who climbed on the ban wagon, and are still testing theirs, our prototype models did their testing in the early 90's, and by now our trailers sold, have done millions of trouble free kilometers.

Ours are the only trailer guaranteed for life against faulty materials and workmanship and our back-up service is impeccable.

We started with 2 models, The Overlander and the Bush Pig and whilst that is still what we call them, there are many variations of each model available, from different length, breadth and height, to different opening options and of course we have a host of optional extras avaialble.

Our optional extras range from tents, nose cones, fridges, tables, hi-lift jacks, shocks, over-run braking systems to kitchen units etc. etc.
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